Saturn Song by Garrett Caroll

Saturn Song
Garrett Caroll

If I put my hands out,
I can feel the cold clouds
reciprocating my touch,
like a living planet amidst the darkness
of nothingness put on pause.

A familiar loop of sounds fixes
all the brutal winds knotting
and tangling every inch of the planet.
For just three minutes now,

I am the instrument, I am the key,
I am the lead of this improvised song,
arranging and rearranging,
forming and reforming,
shaping and reshaping
the entirety of this planet
through the sounds from my
compass eyes and motioning fingers,

building little castles of solid rock
along the edgeless spaces,
making geographies out of art
along the bending of tonal physics.

landscapes and architectures
open like fields of endless nature.
greens and blues sprout through the core
are laid out along the viewing fringes
until the planet is a place at once
both riddled and familiar.

The winds begin to knot again
as the song comes to a fading end,
and all the sounds, they leave my mind,
and I am alone again. Give me time
while my hands and eyes recharge—
another ambiance is coming.


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