The Hands That Build the Universe by Garrett Caroll

The Hands That Build the Universe
Garrett Caroll

Like the little atoms snug between the Saharas of your thumbs,
particles of civilization now expand across the universe.

Fires, beds, jewels, foods, technologies are spread by city,
familiar blocks and worlds are stringed throughout,

cobblestone roads become sheets of gravitational titanium,
cars fly through the open sky toward distant movies and plays,

worlds real and worlds not are born of painted colors
churned from watchful eyes, a careful honest observer,

as monuments and natures become curtains unveiled,
the roads and in-betweens become coffee table puzzles,

as hands can move the worlds, the stars, the galaxies
like God, but only if they’re omniscient,

otherwise they’re just experimental tinkerers, shattering swaths
of every type of matter with clumsy and careless hands.


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