Self-Aware by John C. Mannone

John C. Mannone

All police officers in the area,
respond to a ten-ninety-eight:
escaped suspect zero-seven-four,
armed & dangerous, last seen
running east on Bearden with
robodog beta-six-beta-three.

Remote sensor probes
on the Sutherland Greenway
indicate artificial intelligence
units are rapidly transforming:
beads of oil coalescing on metal
body, core processor throbbing
beyond bus-transfer rate limits;
distinct leakage of synthetic
adrenaline detected in the air
from both units.

Microwave signatures confirm
advanced neural net algorithms
are simulating human response—
emotion-infused logic.

It now knows.

Set up road blocks, intercept
at Cumberland. Energize electro-
magnetic pulse cannons, execute
the decommissioning at will.


Time to behave, so when Artificial Intelligence
becomes our overlord, we’ve reduced the reasons
for it to exterminate us all.
                                            —Neil deGrasse Tyson


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