Snow Monster from Uranus Part 4 by Celine Mariotti

The networks’ satellites and transmissions were suddenly interrupted by the cosmic terror of one Snow Monster from Uranus whose name was Jezi. His power overtook their means of communication. Uranus was a planet that was centuries ahead of Earth in many things but in other things like minerals, it was hugely lacking. Now, Jezi made his way into the homes of millions of people and his terror campaign began.

Louie came out of the coma, but he was still groggy, and his mind was still cloudy. He was the first to see the Snow Monster’s miserable face on his TV in his hospital room. Louie, with whatever little energy he possessed, screamed out in fear, “Jezi! He…….’s come for m-ee! Jezi! Help! Some-bo-dy, help m-ee! T….his is a night-mare!”

The nurse came running into his room. “Mr. Carillo! Calm yourself! What’s wrong?” said Amelia the Nurse, a Black lady who loved nursing and loved people.

“It’s HIM! The-the mo-onster from U–ranus! The s–now m–onster! Jezi! H…..e’s on the T….V!” shrieked Louie hysterically, and he went into a convulsion.

“Code Blue! Bring in the triage unit! Doctor Jennings! Patient is convulsing!”

Doctor Jennings and the team of nurses and doctors all rushed to Louie’s room. They worked on him for several minutes. Finally, Louie’s seizure had stopped, and he rested comfortably. Doctor Jennings administered diazepam after getting the seizure to stop. But on the TV across the country; on everyone’s computer and cell phone and all other devices, there he was Jezi the snow monster. He was shouting and making demands of all the materials he needed. This is some of what he was saying:

“I am Jezi, the Snow Monster from Uranus and I am taking over your TV because I have no other recourse to get the materials I need to bring back to our leader, Urzel, back on Uranus. We desperately need food, fuel and minerals. Food-we need some basics, flour, sugar, eggs, milk, coffee, tea. For minerals, we need magnesium, phosphorous and calcium for a healthier population. For fuel, we need gasoline, fuel cells and nuclear energy. All government officials, get in touch with me. All businessmen, get in touch with me! All farmers, get in touch with me. I need and demand your help otherwise my leader Urzel will send several platoons of Uranians to invade your planet! So, surrender to me now! Contact me at: JEZISNOWMONSTER@URANUS.UNIVERSE.”

The screen went blank, then two seconds later, regular programming resumed. Margaret Carillo was in shock. But she was glad when her soap opera, All Our Tomorrows, resumed. The bingphone rang and it was her son, Officer Peter Carillo.

“Mom, are you alright? Did you see that snow monster on the TV? Doctor Jennings called me. Did he call you, too? Dad had a seizure when he saw the Snow Monster on the TV. I’m really concerned about him, Mom.”

“I saw the Snow Monster on the TV, but Doctor Jennings hasn’t called me.”

“I’m going to come and take you to the hospital to see him.”

“You’re a good son. I’ll let your sister know.”

“Yes, let her know and have her meet us at the hospital.”  

“Yes, I’ll call Mary at the newspaper office. I’ll get ready.”

“I’ll be there real soon, Mom.”


In an office at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., two Generals and a computer technician plus a CIA operative were gathered in a secret room. They were discussing the Snow Monster from Uranus—Jezi.

“How did this confounded alien get on every television network across the country? What kind of power does he have?” asked General Charles Schmitz, combing his desk for the latest intelligence report.

“We’ll need our soldiers to combat his platoons from Uranus,” said General Mark Amandorf.

“We have to intercept his communications,” added the CIA operative, Randy Sattlefield.

“I can hack into any kind of system, but this is a system from another planet so this might take extra time to hack into,” said the computer technician, Jian Wang Lee. “Of course, it has been done before.”

“We have to do something and do it quick!” shouted General Charles Schmitz.

The bingphone rang. It was the President of the United States—Constantin Antonopoulos. He was irate to say the least. “Charles! Do something about that Snow Monster from Uranus and do it now and that’s an order!”

“Yes, sir, Mr. President! We’re working on it!” said General Charles Schmitz excitedly.

“I want that crazy alien found, and I want him found like yesterday! Now get going! You got the whole Army to help you, not to mention the Marines, the Air Force, the Navy, the Coast Guard, the FBI, the CIA, the US Marshalls, the state police, the local police, etc., etc., etc. Now get to it, Charles!” President Constantin Antonopoulos slammed the phone and called out to his secretary, Marlena Woodruff. “Marlena, I have an awful migraine. Bring me my aspirin. I need to lie down for a few minutes before the Canadian Prime Minister arrives.”

“Yes, sir, right away.”

Continue to Part 5 soon.

About the Author

Celine Rose Mariotti is an accomplished writer whose work has appeared in magazines all over the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and India. Some of those magazines include: Night Roses, Green’s Magazine, Poet’s Review, Poet’s Art, Tombigbee, Offerings, Poets at Work, Hindu Young World, Magnolia Quarterly, Lone Stars Magazine, Pablo Lennis, Poetsespresso, Artifacts, Quantum Leap, Frost Fire Worlds, Children’s Magazine of India, Tigershark Publishing, Atlantean Publishing, Pink Chameleon, FreeXpression, Northern Stars Magazine, Creative Inspirations, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Poesis, Rainy Day Poems, and many more.

Bewildering Stories has accepted some of her poems for publication and Shemom has accepted two of her poems. Altered Reality Magazine has published several of her poems. She has had several books published. The books are: “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” Another book is “I’m Too Young to be President” published by Clayborn Press of AZ. “Leapy the Frog” was published by Magbooks of HongKong. published “I Have a Friend on Jupiter”; “Minister’s Shoes” and “Minister’s Corporate Escapades.” And some other books she self-published: “Through Celine’s Eyes,” “Words of Inspiration,” and  “Red, White and Blue,” all poetry books and a nonfiction book, “What Corporate America is Really All About.” She has also self-published “I Hear The Banjo Playing,” a ghost story. Her newest book is “The Return of George Bowman,” a sequel to “I Hear the Banjo Playing.” Hierath Publishing has published her book “Atomic Soldiers.” He has also accepted her other two books-“Out There in Space” and “The Rebellion.” Celine has a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in English from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. She plays the guitar and banjo; has her own home business, CRM Enterprises and her own online newsletter she publishes. She lives with her family in Shelton, CT. She loves Las Vegas and she loves to watch the soap operas.


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