Snow Monster from Uranus Part 5 by Celine Mariotti

President Constantin Antonopoulos paced the floor in the Oval Office. Back and forth he walked; back and forth; talking to himself, then kicking his soccer ball around the floor.  Anything to take his mind off that horrible Snow Monster from Uranus. He had taken his aspirin and laid down for a little while, but he was so restless, his head was pounding, the Congress was holding up his energy bill, which the country needed badly; people stayed inside their homes most of the day as robots did most of the work. Now, he had this maniac alien from Uranus to deal with and a war going on with Mexico. Why did he ever want to be President?  He must have been out of his mind when he decided to run for President. He had a lot more peace being a member of the US Senate. Now, he had to deal with this fanatical alien from Uranus. As if he didn’t have enough nutcakes to deal with on the planet Earth!

Marlena Woodruff entered the Oval Office to let the President know that the Canadian Prime Minister was arriving at the White House. President Constantin Antonopoulos went out to the South Lawn of the White House to greet the Prime Minister, the Honorable Vincent Manicotti. They shook hands and went inside to the White House Dining Room where they would go to the Blue Room to discuss US-Canadian interests and world affairs, and this maniacal alien from Uranus and then go to the dining room for lunch afterwards.

“Greetings to our neighbor from the North, the best neighbor who we share a similar history with, the same beliefs in freedom and capitalism and a strong belief in people’s civil rights. Prime Minister Manicotti is a good friend to all of us here in the USA. We have much to discuss regarding world affairs, economic problems, trade issues and so forth and this dangerous alien Jezi from the planet of Uranus. We have to defend ourselves as he seems to have exceptional power. I will let Prime Minister Manicotti say a few words.”

“Mr. President and all gathered here, I feel the same as President Antonopoulos.  Canada and the United States have always been good neighbors and we share—as he said—a similar history, ideals for freedom and democracy, belief in the civil rights of all people. We have a lot to discuss. And yes, we must discuss this alien from Uranus who has interfered with our broadcasting. This is a serious problem, and we must deal with this alien as it is quite evident that he is dangerous. So, I look forward to our discussions. We will both be meeting with the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand in a month in London. We have much to discuss on all the many hot spots in the world and we’ll certainly discuss dealing with space aliens like Jezi. Thank you.”

President Constantin Antonopoulos and Prime Minister Vincent Manicotti entered the White House, and the President escorted his Canadian friend to the Blue Room where they would sit and meet and discuss world affairs. Unbeknownst to them, the Snowman from Uranus, Jezi had arrived on the South Lawn of the White House. Jezi sized up the area and when he was ready, with his notable strength—he weighed over 400 pounds—he picked up two of the security guards and whirled them through the air. Then, he popped into the White House and found his way to the Blue Room with his Geo-ectometer, which guided him to where he had to be. His spaceship was out on the tarmac not far from the Sikorsky helicopter the President flew in. He had made himself invisible till he reached the Blue Room and then he popped in, materialized, and loudly interrupted the meeting that President Antonopoulos and Prime Minister Manicotti were having. His voiced bellowed and the two leaders sat in shock.  

The Secretary of State tried dialing for help on his cell phone, but Jezi pulled it out of his hand. “Don’t be rude, little man. I come here to ask the President for his help. You can vanish now!” Jezi used his powers, and the Secretary of State was reduced to a snowball! 

The Canadian Minister of State froze watching this alien from Uranus in action. Obviously, nothing mattered to Jezi except his own needs and that of his mission on behalf of his people on Uranus and carrying out what his ruler, Urzel, sent him to do.

“I, Mr. President, am Jezi, the Snow Monster from Uranus and I need you and this other distinguished leader of a place called Canada, to assist me in my needs for my planet. I demand your time and I shall not leave this structure you call the White House till you make some calls and take some action so I can get the minerals, food and fuel. So, I shall sit on this sofa, and we shall discuss what I need for my planet.”

“Not till you bring back my Secretary of State who you have now reduced to a snowball!” yelled President Antonopoulos.

“I second that,” added Prime Minister Manicotti.

“Ho hum. I shall bring back that dreary man.” With a wave of his big snowy paw, the Secretary of State reappeared.

“What happened to me?”

“Never mind, dear fellow. You will now be part of my meeting,” ordered the Snow Monster from Uranus.

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About the Author

Celine Rose Mariotti is an accomplished writer whose work has appeared in magazines all over the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and India. Some of those magazines include: Night Roses, Green’s Magazine, Poet’s Review, Poet’s Art, Tombigbee, Offerings, Poets at Work, Hindu Young World, Magnolia Quarterly, Lone Stars Magazine, Pablo Lennis, Poetsespresso, Artifacts, Quantum Leap, Frost Fire Worlds, Children’s Magazine of India, Tigershark Publishing, Atlantean Publishing, Pink Chameleon, FreeXpression, Northern Stars Magazine, Creative Inspirations, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Poesis, Rainy Day Poems, and many more.

Bewildering Stories has accepted some of her poems for publication and Shemom has accepted two of her poems. Altered Reality Magazine has published several of her poems. She has had several books published. The books are: “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?” Another book is “I’m Too Young to be President” published by Clayborn Press of AZ. “Leapy the Frog” was published by Magbooks of HongKong. published “I Have a Friend on Jupiter”; “Minister’s Shoes” and “Minister’s Corporate Escapades.” And some other books she self-published: “Through Celine’s Eyes,” “Words of Inspiration,” and  “Red, White and Blue,” all poetry books and a nonfiction book, “What Corporate America is Really All About.” She has also self-published “I Hear The Banjo Playing,” a ghost story. Her newest book is “The Return of George Bowman,” a sequel to “I Hear the Banjo Playing.” Hierath Publishing has published her book “Atomic Soldiers.” He has also accepted her other two books-“Out There in Space” and “The Rebellion.” Celine has a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in English from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. She plays the guitar and banjo; has her own home business, CRM Enterprises and her own online newsletter she publishes. She lives with her family in Shelton, CT. She loves Las Vegas and she loves to watch the soap operas.


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