Spring by Esther Yeh-Rynn Chae

Wind and blooming flowers,
A verdant and vibrant landscape
Cool air blowing on their faces;
Colorful flowers surrounded by a green blur of grass,
As the buzzing sound of insects.
People lying on the soft furry grass in parks
Wearing sunglasses and caps while staring at the sky
Schedules changing with people surrounding every block 

Enjoying the windy cool weather on a sunny day
But with the sky turning into a shade of gray
And a unique, “earthly” smell that floods in;
The air getting chillier every minute
With people hurrying to go somewhere with a roof over their head,
Listening to the weather forecast on their phones;
The rain drops slowly fall on the earth;
Every drip of rain 
Making a tapping sound on the concrete


About the Author

Esther is 13 years old and currently in 8th grade at the Elisabeth Morrow School. She has enjoyed writing short stories and poems since young age. She also enjoys playing the piano and won several competitions. She recently began studying the flute at the Manhattan School of Music Precollege as well. Additionally, she enjoys painting as well and won several competitions.


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