Enchanted to Meet You by Karen Lee

When she sings it was enchanting
To meet you staring into the audience,
With a blank gaze that masks all that
She feels, I remember the 11 year old
Inside of me, listening to her sing as I 
Absentmindedly looked out of 
the splotchy bus window on my way home,
Not in a sparkly dress that elegantly lined my
Figure; nor with perfect blonde curls or 
Crimson red lips; but feeling the pain,
The love, and the confidence in her words.
She walks down, emerging through the smoke
Between the white, crystal-fallen trees,
Whispering that this night is sparkling, 
This night is flawless, making me forget

About the fight with my mom, the 
Pressure of achievement, the shattering pain 
Of losing a loved one, and making me leave behind
The imperfectness of my life
And truly stand there, 

About the Author

Karen Lee is a junior attending Virginia Episcopal School. Born in South Korea, she is a young author who focuses on writing poetry and short stories

Instagram: @karen.le.e


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