Where It Takes You by Karen Lee

Have you not yet tried Japanese 
yakiniku? Before you do anything, 
go take a bite first. It’s summer now 
and I’m looking into the pouring rain, 
looking at the raindrops sliding down the window 
like my tears slide down my cheeks when 
I listen to the soundtrack Still With You. 
Don’t listen to it 
when it rains. It’s blue and will make you feel things 
you have never felt before. It’s okay 
to want things. And it’s okay to ask for things.
Watch movies. Perfectness is a myth. Mistakes 
don’t mean that you failed. Don’t cheat 
on your love for the busy Seoul city
with beach days in the states. Don’t let relaxation, 
cocktails, sunlight, cool water touching your feet, 
the crinkle of the sand, and margaritas fool you.
Or maybe let it take you for just a little bit.
I think about what it feels 
to be in a submarine sometimes, next to no one,
 a muffled silence and the peace of being alone.
Then I think of being trapped 
in the depth of the unknown sea and I
snap out of my dreams. Pay attention 
to the smallest details. Take photos in 
your head. Remember that you like blue 
and rain. In the end, do 
what makes you happy. Write. Play soccer. 
Imagine that you are a celebrity. Listen 
to music. Keep thinking, keep experiencing,
keep loving. 
You’ll be surprised where that takes you.


About the Author

Karen Lee is a junior attending Virginia Episcopal School. Born in South Korea, she is a young author who focuses on writing poetry and short stories

Instagram: @karen.le.e


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