Surprise by Ed Blundell

Ed Blundell

A whirl of wind whips up dead leaves,
A bright, white moon hangs in the sky,
Indifferent stars shine silver.
She walks alone across the park,
Along the dark and twisting path,
Gazing about her nervously.
There have been slayings in the town,
Slashings and stabbings with a knife.
There have been warnings, “Stay at home
If you go out, don’t go alone.”
Behind her she can hear his tread,
A man approaching rapidly
And as he catches her he says
“I’ll see you safely to your home.”
They walk together through the trees,
The moon is hid behind a cloud,
A shrill scream slices, cuts the night,
It echoes and the screams go on.
Then silence falls, the moon comes out
And when it lights the world again,
The man lies bleeding on the ground
And she walks smiling from the park.


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