The Adventure

The Adventure – a parable by crystalwizard Several friends met to decide on an adventure, and the conversation went this way: Ralph Fremont spoke first, saying, “I feel the need for something exhilarating. I propose we sail around the world. I think…” Andy Doyle…

Where No One’s Gone Before by Lee Hart

Where No One’s Gone Before Lee Hart In the height of the 13th century, We marched from Venice to the China sea. Our brave explorers crossed the land, Through heathens strange, adventures grand. Returning with exotic spices, Gunpowder, and other vices.      …

Castles of Talesworth

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Adventure Ho!

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Area 51 by David Barber

Area 51 David Barber Even with the device turned off and tombed in concrete, we are still haunted by ghosts of histories that are not our own, remembering cosmonauts fêted through New York in blizzards of ticker-tape; or the launching of Apollo 20 on…