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Where Shapes Wait by Ed Nobody

Where Shapes Wait Ed Nobody In the permanight of space a shape blinks. Not a sun , no, not a star. Something stinks out there, Hiding in cold flesh, Residents of airless breath, all skeleton and spine, Monsters that chew … Continue reading

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In the Wrong Hands by Ed Nobody

In the Wrong Hands Ed Nobody Rain is streaming down the east window of the office. I didn’t want to get up this morning, but I did anyway. We line up one by one, like Disneyland, but more depressing. So … Continue reading

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Where No One’s Gone Before by Lee Hart

Where No One’s Gone Before Lee Hart In the height of the 13th century, We marched from Venice to the China sea. Our brave explorers crossed the land, Through heathens strange, adventures grand. Returning with exotic spices, Gunpowder, and other … Continue reading

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