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Sadko by Edward Ahern

Sadko Edward Ahern This is a retelling of “Sadko” from Old Peter’s Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome, printed in the U.S. in the 1800’s. In the old days in Novgorod there was a boy named Sadko, strong, blue eyed and … Continue reading

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The Baroness by Eric S Brown

The Baroness Eric S Brown G.I. Joe has been around for a long time. When one thinks of the toys and comics, many think of Snake Eyes and Scarlet. However, there are many other “Joes” and members of Cobra. To … Continue reading

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The Knights of Night by Ed Blundell

The Knights of Night Ed Blundell Beneath the Cornish blue, grey sea, The bells of Lyonesse swing free, Rocked in the bosom of the deep, The knights of Lyonesse still sleep. On a summer night when the wind was still, … Continue reading

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