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The Bride of Doom by Eric S Brown

The Bride of Doom Eric S Brown The eighth trade paperback in the current run of the Fantastic Four collects issues 31-35 featuring a storyline called The Bride of Doom. The latest adventure of the team begins with Dr. Doom … Continue reading


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Little and Clever by Ed Ahern

Little and Clever (A blending of Thumbling and The Robber Bridegroom from Grimm) Ed Ahern Once, really long ago, a farmer and his wife wanted to have a child. But no matter how they tried they remained childless. “A child, … Continue reading


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Clahuchu and Bride by Richard Stevenson

Clahuchu and Bride Richard Stevenson Last of the Juju tribe of Devil Men, Clahuchu and bride lay side by side in the coffin dug up from their Haitian grave. Mummies most mum about their circumstances, they nevertheless manage to exude … Continue reading


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