Trial of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie

Trial of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie is the second book in the Wizard King series. I am reading the first two books back-to-back which is a privilege I have rarely enjoyed of the past 10+ years of writing book reviews. After the…

Episode 34: Scuttle and Scuffle

Nathan froze, halfway in and halfway out of the truck, staring at the black bear. I turned and whispered into Nathan’s ear from his shoulder. “She’s a good bear; she won’t hurt you.” She better not. Nathan turned and looked at his dad for…

Crystal Story II

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The Everloom

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Castles of Talesworth

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Adventure Ho!

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Winged Demands

Master Ikthan entered the home of Tanu and Katja. He found Sunar already in the other room, engrossed in playing with his blocks, and Dr. Soren waiting. Katja started to speak, but hesitated, exchanged a look with her husband, and Tanu spoke, “We may…

Blood Birth by Ed Blundell

Blood Birth Ed Blundell We stand on the bare, windswept moorside, In the circle of standing stones, Where the priests are chanting the ancient rhymes, And the cold cuts into our bones. We are deep in the bleak, dark midwinter, And the land must…

Griffin in the Spring by Melissa Maillet

Griffin in the Spring by Melissa Maillet Rarely is a sight more pleasing than a griffin in the spring. when Wind is blowing and Grass is Growing wild Flowers blossoming. He’s not been across the land since the first snow fall. He starts crawling…

If Only by Fearadhach MecRaudri

If OnlyFearadhach MecRaudri She walked up to her desk with leaden feet. To her ears each step echoed off the walls like a hammer on an anvil, deepening the pit in her stomach. If only she could do more, knew more, had fewer restraints…

Dorothy Delivered by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Dorothy DeliveredKathleen A. Lawrencespiraling abecedarian

Alice Abbreviated by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Alice AbbreviatedKathleen A. Lawrencespiraling abecedarian

Dragon-in-Training by Vince Gotera

Dragon-in-TrainingVince Gotera                                                         —terza rima Rawrr. Oh, that isn’t nearly loud enough. Ahem . . .RAWRRRR. Ahem ahem. That’s rough on the throat.My windpipe is sore from practicing breathing flame. Listen, I’m a dragon, yes, but jeez, I’m only thirteen.A teenage dragon, I guess you’d…