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by Eric S Brown The horror sub genre of terror at the bottom of the ocean has always been popular. In the 1980s such classics as Deep Star Six and Levithan ruled the rental store shelves while the 1990s gave … Continue reading


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The Birds and Bees

by Ray Zacek The highland community of Ceridwen nestled beneath a V-shaped cleft in the pine-clad mountains, walled and gated and safe. Seen from afar, Ceridwen presented a beehive cluster of green tile roofs and ochre walls. An array of … Continue reading


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Ikiryō by Jeremy Akel

Ikiryō Jeremy Akel She almost had the shape of it. The world, she knew, was a cruel and inhospitable place. She had never known anyone to offer her a kindness unbidden, and even when the formalities were met, and the … Continue reading


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C.H.U.D. by Eric S Brown

In 1984, the movie C.H.U.D. was released. While the film earned over three times its production budget, it was far from hitting blockbuster level hit. However, it was a rather unique film in many ways. Billed as science fiction/horror movie, … Continue reading


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