Zombie (aka Zombi 2) by Eric S Brown

Zombie (aka Zombi 2) Eric S Brown “The boat can leave now.    Tell the crew.”    . . . And with those opening words, what is still considered one of the best films ever produced in the zombie genre begins. Directed by Lucio…

Great Horror Movies By Eric S Brown

Great Horror Movies Eric S Brown Every year at Halloween, I watch some of my favorite horror films. For those who don’t know much about horror, I thought I would suggest some great films. If you’re into werewolves, Dog Soldiers (2002) is a must…

zombie existence by Herb Kauderer

zombie existence Herb Kauderer embedded in flesh hologram verifies self pays all bills monthly presents illusion of life long after the heart has stopped

The Battle Ward by Neil Q. Green

The Battle Ward Neil Q. GreenAnother trebuchet strike against the walls. The room rang like bell. Dust fell from somewhere and settled on my neck. The accumulated grit from the day’s bombardment chaffed and I missed, yet again, the ability to move my arms….