The Adventure

The Adventure – a parable by crystalwizard

Several friends met to decide on an adventure, and the conversation went this way:

Ralph Fremont spoke first, saying, “I feel the need for something exhilarating. I propose we sail around the world. I think…”

Andy Doyle interrupted with a quick shake of his head. “No. That would be wet and miserable. It would be better to fly in a rocket to pluto!”

“How about lions?” Oscar Rees shouted. “We could go on a safari!”

“I don’t like lions.” Gerald Abineau appeared faint and gulped his drink. “They’re smelly and they eat people. My uncle Lowell went on a safari in 1930 and never came back!”

“What about mountain climbing?” Andres Humphreys said into the sudden silence. “There are some nice peaks we could explore.”

“Mountains are full of dangers,” Martin Agassiz muttered, tossing a black look at Andres. “What would make you want to do such a thing?”

They argued far into the night, but finally agreed on an adventure and set off. They had such a great time, and impressed the Sinagua people so much, that they are remembered to this day.

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