The Return of Wally West by Eric S Brown

The Return of Wally West

Eric S Brown

Rebirth was a universe spanning event at DC Comics which once again altered the history and worlds of their characters. The first collected trade paperback of Titans in the Rebirth timeline, The Return of Wally West, is an enjoyable read. An old Flash villain, Abra Kadabra, had erased all memories of Wally West and forced him to become lost in the Speed Force but now, the former Kid Flash has found his way home.

Wally returns seeking out the love of his life, Linda Parks, and the Teen Titans (now merely called the Titans). None of them know who he is and the team attacks Wally thinking he is an intruder. Using energy from the Speed Force Wally is able to restore the memories of the Titans but not Linda’s as in this new, altered timeline, the two of them have yet to meet and fall in love. Wally and the Titans must discover who is behind the loss of their memories and go after them before said villain can strike again.

Part mystery and full out superhero action, The Return of Wally West is a fun DC read full of moments that flesh out and further develop the members of the Titans’ roster. Though The Return of Wally West is simple in terms of its plot and mediocre in its art, it still is worth checking by any fan of the Titans.


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