Werewolf by Night by Eric S Brown

Werewolf by Night

Eric S Brown

Marvel’s Disney Plus titles such as Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, and Moon Knight, to many, have lacked the quality and fun of the earlier MCU. Part of this can be attributed to these shows being aimed mainly at niche viewer groups as well simply not having the budget and level of writing overall as the MCU’s movie projects. Regardless, Marvel’s Phase 4 as been struggling. The excitement of many Marvel fans have begun to wan. But, Werewolf by Night may have single-handedly set the MCU back on track.

Werewolf by Night is by far one of the best titles from to hit Disney Plus. Shot like an old school Universal monster movie from the 40’s, fully in black and white until the final few moments of its conclusion, the show truly captures the feel of the horror genre. The show doesn’t skimp on its gore which is something many were worried about since it’s on Disney Plus. Shooting it in black and white was a flat out genius move by Marvel in order to keep those elements intact while not making it R rated.

People die and die violently just as they should in a show titled Werewolf by Night. The quality of the show’s writing and characters make it easy to get excited about Marvel and
where the MCU is headed again. And best of all, Werewolf by Night features not just the title character but the Man-Thing as well!


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