White Screamer by Richard Stevenson

White Screamer
Richard Stevenson

Tennessee’s own Banshee screamer
tormented a man who built a farm house
for his family of nine in the holler
back of White Bluff in twenty aught.
Got fed up with the late-night screaming,
loaded his shotgun and set out
into the woods to find the beast
and blow its blame fool head off.
Followed its screams ‘til they circled back
to the farm house, then blended in
with the screams of his family. He found
his wife and seven kids torn to pieces!
Never found the white screamer,
though the blood drained out of his face.
Who’s to say he wasn’t the white screamer,
the screamer’s screams all in his head?
Crazy or crazy like a fox? Heck of a
story either way. The White Screamer
has long since become a legend.
Ours. All boney six foot six of him.


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