Daredevil: Woman Without Fear

By Eric S Brown

In the last few years, Matt Murdock has been through a lot including time in prison. During his incarceration, Elektra became Daredevil to protect the residents of Matt’s beloved Hell’s Kitchen. Even after Matt is released though, she keeps her own version of the suit and mantle. And in between the end of Daredevil Vol. 7 and the climax the Devil’s Reign event, Marvel published a three issue mini-series entitled Daredevil: Woman without Fear. This series focused on Elektra’s past with Matt and how she is
coping with no longer being a killer.
Daredevil: Woman without Fear is a deep take on Elektra and Matt’s past from her perspective collecting the three issue series and the special Elektra # 100. The reader gets to see all the key moments of their long relationship and get a glimpse of what may be ahead for them. That said, it certainly not without action in its pages. Elektra takes on Kraven the Hunter in an epic battle as well Typhoid Mary and an old enemy from her younger days.
Whether one is an Elektra fan or a Daredevil fan, the trade is a must for any Matt Murdock’s adventures. The art and story of the three issue mini-series are brilliant, truly adding to the depth of both Elektra and Matt as characters. The special # 100 issue also collected within its pages is more than a bit lacking in terms of art but does make an important change to the history of Typhoid Mary that fans will need to know going forward. And as a bonus feature the trade also includes a beautiful cover gallery for
all the Elektra issues Marvel has published to date.

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