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the sky is falling by Matthew Daley

the sky is falling Matthew Daley it was the birds first fallen some walking till they forgot direction trees lost how to feed and breathe then their whispered exhales the sun begged forgiveness before giving up after giving out flowers … Continue reading

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Falling Feathers by Melissa R. Mendelson

Falling Feathers Melissa R. Mendelson Little brown birds covered sidewalks and streets, their legs tucked beneath them, and their wings broken but still covering their heads. They squeezed their eyes shut while their bodies shook. Cries slipped out through open … Continue reading

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Towards Gaxyland by Yuan Changming

Towards Gaxyland Yuan Changming Come, come You peng from the Zhuangzian northern darkness You swan from the Horacean meadows You pheasant from under Li Bo’s cold moon You oriole from Dufu’s green willow You dove from the Dantean inferno You … Continue reading

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The Soultree by Ellie Rose McKee

The Soultree Ellie Rose McKee Her gnarled branches were a ribcage, straining toward the moonlit sky. Winter had been harsh upon the land, stripping her flesh, but the Soultree was a guardian, long established in her role. Come cold, come … Continue reading

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Bewitching Words by John C. Mannone

Bewitching Words John C. Mannone I found a poem in a coven of words hiding in enchanted inculcations of a psalm but it morphed as if a spell had been cast so they flew away t•h•i•r•t•e•e•n b•l•a•c•k letters fluttering as … Continue reading

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