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Falling Feathers by Melissa R. Mendelson

Falling Feathers Melissa R. Mendelson Little brown birds covered sidewalks and streets, their legs tucked beneath them, and their wings broken but still covering their heads. They squeezed their eyes shut while their bodies shook. Cries slipped out through open … Continue reading

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For in that Sleep, What Nightmares… by Lauren McBride

For in that Sleep, What Nightmares… Lauren McBride While comatose to travel space, Please someone check my pulse, my face and if you see a silent scream while I lie trapped within a dream, then wake me from this hell … Continue reading

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Priestess’ Nightmare by Herb Kauderer

Priestess’ Nightmare Herb Kauderer Asleep in her private grove the high priestess dreams: Gods & goddesses assemble to hear her rightful requests. But as she speaks they reach out & change her stretching and molding until she stands frozen into … Continue reading

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