The Report by Lori R. Lopez

The Report
Lori R. Lopez

Humans were the last to be
subdued, loaded into cavernous vessels.
They were the most savage and unruly,
despite advances, the level of their current
development, proving themselves less
civilized as a Race than predetermined.
I enter the observation in my Report, but it is
not yet a conclusion. My task has been
to study and group this Planet’s abducted
Species: assign them fates, assess
the category for usage — whether on
cargo-ships, at a Colony, a Station,
or in our world.

From initial inspection, I must note
firsthand how emotion-driven they are.
Visibly more so than other lifeforms
collected here. (What they have not killed off.)
Emotion is a trait they revere, considered
a sign of higher intelligence, while
we view it as the opposite. In comparison,
our Race, our Society has evolved much farther,
having long ago eliminated the weakness.
We are guided by logic, by Science and
Technology, by calculation and measure.
It is possible they aspire to such yet fail —
incapable of unity.

Based on preliminary surveillance and
in-depth research, analysis, I find it irrational
why at least some of those with the
least color to their flesh, their pigment,
believed themselves better. Superior to others
who were exactly the same except for
the degree of skin tone. Elevating a light
complexion. It is all in the perspective.
Our people have a wide range
of hues, shades, Kin Patterns. Whereas these
possess little variation, few differences,
their Race less impressive than the rest of
the remaining Earth Species.

A shame so many of the best were lost
before the Invasion. We are here now and
will save the pugilists from themselves.
Any with skills can be put to labor.
Some have low value. Poor strength, vitality.
Or desire to rebel, to resist authority.
They must be separated . . .
We do not need the strong of will.
Since there is not much demand for their
hides, and they are unfit as live exhibits,
I recommend placing them with the
beasts. They can feed the
Beautiful Creatures.


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